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SAS's Work

Patruni has revolutionized the perception of drag, transcending traditional boundaries and taking the art form to unprecedented heights. From the bustling streets to the polished corridors of corporate offices, Patruni's performances have captivated audiences across diverse settings. They've graced the halls of hospitals and educational institutions like IITs and IIMs, using their platform to spark conversations and promote inclusivity. Patruni's presence extends seamlessly from socio-political platforms to the vibrant energy of clubs and nightlife scenes, fostering acceptance and understanding in every space they inhabit. Their influence knows no bounds, as they've performed on government stages and taken their message to national and international avenues, bridging cultures and advocating for change. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Patruni continues to push boundaries, seamlessly transitioning from live performances to impactful online and digital platforms, ensuring that their message of empowerment reaches audiences far and wide.


Drag Shows/ Performances

Patruni Sastry hosting a music fest

Step into the vibrant world of drag with a series of celebrated productions that push boundaries and ignite conversations. From "The Untold Story Of Mohini" at Shilparamam 2021 to the captivating "Unihorn" performance at QIAFF Chennai, each production is a testament to creativity and inclusivity. Dive into the thought-provoking "PRISM" at OPEN House Microsoft Hyderabad and experience the bold narrative of "Four Play" exploring gender and sexuality. Delve into intimate themes with "Intimacy" and "69," or witness powerful statements on societal issues with "Strip Tease" and "Curtificate." Among these, "Sweekar" offers a touching portrayal of a parent's acceptance for their intersex child, while "Pragalbha" sheds light on the contribution of drag queens to national security. From the colorful energy of "Cover Gurl" at Queer Carnival Hyderabad 2021 to the poignant "RedLight" at Kitty Su Delhi, every performance is a journey of expression and advocacy. Patruni's talent transcends stages, from the heartwarming "Chemo" at Heart Talks by Dabaki to the introspective "Dancing Dysphoria." Their commitment to awareness extends beyond performances, as seen in collaborations with Mobbera Foundation and appearances at Out and Loud Film Festival, BI Pride UK, and more. Join Patruni on an unforgettable exploration of identity, acceptance, and celebration at venues like Kitty Ko Bangalore, Kitty Su, EXT Hyderabad, and beyond.



Embark on a journey of empowerment where drag intertwines with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. From gender sensitization workshops with ICFAI Hyderabad to captivating performances at Colorful Workplaces like Deloitte Hyderabad and Microsoft Openhouse, Patruni has spearheaded transformative conversations across various platforms. With collaborations spanning from Uber India to Glamazon events at Amazon, and inclusion activities at corporate giants like Wipro, Facebook, and Google, we're collectively shaping a future where diversity is celebrated. Join Patruni in breaking barriers and fostering acceptance, one stage at a time. 

Patruni sastry hosting a corporate show
Patruni and Raji for Absolut Vodka campaign



Patruni's impactful brand collaborations transcend the stage, embodying advocacy through art. In partnership with Absolut India, they spearheaded the #AbsoluteAlly campaign, fearlessly addressing bisexuality and fostering inclusivity. Patruni's authentic portrayal in the ad sparked vital conversations, amplifying LGBTQ+ visibility. They furthered the cause of representation through collaborations with the TimesOut campaign. In the realm of beauty, Patruni partnered with cruelty-free makeup brands like Blur and Sugar Cosmetics, advocating for ethical choices and celebrating diversity. Their influence extends to the fashion world, where they grace the runway for brands with a cause such as Itihasa and Abhihara, championing sustainability and diversity in the industry. Through these collaborations, Patruni continues to break barriers, inspire change, and amplify voices that deserve to be heard.



Patruni's commitment to advocacy and activism is woven deeply into their artistic endeavors, serving as a catalyst for social change and empowerment. They have collaborated extensively with organizations at local, national, and international levels, leveraging their platform to drive impactful initiatives. Partnering with the Telangana State AIDS Control Department, Patruni has contributed to HIV awareness campaigns, utilizing their artistry to educate and empower communities. Their engagement with consulates such as the US Consulate, Goethe Zentrum, Alliance Française, and the British High Commissioner reflects their dedication to diplomatic efforts, advocating for cultural exchange and understanding. Additionally, Patruni's collaboration with organizations like Round Table, Rotaract Club, Lions Club, and the Delphic Society underscores their commitment to art and cultural inclusion projects, fostering unity and diversity. On a national scale, Patruni has aligned with renowned organizations including the Humsafar Trust, ICCR, Nirmaan, THub, Surge Impact, and Pride Circle, using their art as a medium to drive advocacy and awareness. Through their multifaceted collaborations, Patruni continues to be a driving force for positive change, bridging communities and amplifying voices for a more inclusive society.

Patruni Sastry with Jayesh Ranjan
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