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Classical Dance Blossoming in Commercial Ads

Commercials tend to annoy us as bothersome breaks between our TV shows, but sometimes they are so creative that they’re worth our attention. Some of the best commercials re-appropriate classical dance to sell products. From gender equality to modern creations, these brands have cleverly adapted art for their own purposes.

The Diary Milk Ad

This ad was first of its kind to bring in beauty . Two young girls gulping Silk and smooth Fluid chocolate just before their Arangetram. where classical dance is known for representing its clear, cleanly shining attire and makeup the ad brings in the let free attitude by hand linking make up destruction of the dancer. the funniest part of it is the poor lead dancer awaiting for her friends to join.

Tanjara Filter coffee

this ad feature the famous twins who infuse western and Indian dance together. An anecdote for stupid questions asked at the match making day , the women jumps into the costumes and gives a tight kick to the feminist questions. as an strong cup of filter coffee this ad comes afresh.

Triple X Soap

This detergent soap ad choreographed the entire song in classical dance.the tagline of the soap “traditional” is represented by the classical dancer.its indeed a new breeze for Indian commercials.


A Kathakali dancer offing a seven-up bottle and dancing on a mass song. yes !a bit unconventional twist but at least it gave a platform for celebrating one of the beautiful Indian classical dance in the world.


Though this ad doesn't have a dancing element but its really special for Indian classical dance industry. featuring non other than veteran dance duos The Dananjays’s who are the undisputed legends of Indian classical dance. seeing them in Trend G approach really make the ad very special.


Though eBay is known for its avidity of products this ad bring up a unique question on male classical dancers. As the tag says “the gunghroos don’t judge my gender” a great point is put forward to the audience by the end of the Ad.

Fortune Sunflower Oil

this is a trending commercial still you may encounter in your TV Screens . a young dancer eating oily food before her performance as the oil is light with cholesterol. the final jump by the dancer gives away an impression of footloose fitness of the dancer even eating so much. hard to believe but delighted to see.

However this should not be the end . More of such ads need to come for bringing commercialism and classical dance together . Using art for promoting products is the best way to attract masses and to make an art form a branding strategy. so please put your comments on whats your favorite ads among these .share ,comment, subscribe for more fresh content and stay tuned to Sas3 dancing feet.



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