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5 Technology Tools every dancer should Use

Technology empowers Mankind. With new boost of technology touching every aspects of mankind we are becoming empowered, educated and self-aware of ourselves. So is the performance industry too. With developing of new ages social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and twitter, Dancers are becoming more dependable and approachable. Also there are other great tools significantly working to bring in new talent banks, educate, give upcoming news, address books and give exposure to young and promising artist. For a millennial dancer, there are the must know online tools and pages to learn, promote and brand their dancing skills. Let’s have a look.


Natyarambha is interactive, comes with detailed guidance, and a choice of practice options. Inspired by the digital initiatives of the Government, Natyarambha which intersects at the crossroads of tradition and technology, is an offering to the world of Bharatanatyam dancers, to help hone their talent, skill and training into excellence and perfection. Bought to us by the legendary Padma Sri Ananda Shakara Jayant, with her disciple Sneha Magapu the creative head of this magnamimous project.This indeed is a revolutionary for the field of dance.

Natyarambha is easy for beginners, yet powerful for pros. While it is an easy tool for beginners to learn and practice, Natyarambha is also an aid for pros to perfect and take their skills to the next level.

While Natyarambha bootstraps one with a wide range of handpicked routines tailored to all levels, it also allows one to create your own routine for that perfect personalized practice session. Whether its a student or a teacher, Natyarambha lets us share the personal routines one created with others. All that it takes is our favorite device and a little bit of space to stretch our limbs. Natyarambha on and practice on.

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Nartaki .com is considered as the “Encyclopedia” of Indian classical dance. In this website we would get in and out information ranging from dance schools, performing artist, dance forms, emerging artists, dance reviews, dance snippets, celebrated performances, art conference, columns anything and everything related to Indian dance.

Ever since its online avatar in April 2000, became a steadfast companion to practitioners, fans, teachers, and followers of dance from India. From its initial foray as a phone book of dancers and the wonderful world of Indian dance, the website grew to embrace a wide range of issues, articles, and events that support the global phenomenon of Indian dance.

We can all connect with our favourite dance website through this exciting and volatile medium. Mrs Anita Ratnam’s little brainchild in 1991 has now become a teenager! First created in 1992 as a hard copy edition of a phone book, the second edition came out in 1997 and at the dawn of this century, transferred onto the web.

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Naatyagruha is all about Indian Classical Dance, an endeavor to promote Indian classical dancers, percussionists, dance groups and all related and are those who part of. All those who teach, practice, perform and enjoy Indian classical dance forms are invited to be part of Naatyagruha. Brain child of well acclaimed dancer Seena Jay, Naatyagruha functions as a platform for everyone to share and showcase their interest in Indian classical dance forms.

Naatyagruha features handpicked videos on Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, and Kathak among other popular Indian classical dance forms. As a user, one can have the option to rate the videos and post comments. One can also filter videos based on a number of attributes. Naatyagruha will have an extensive list of dance institutes and artists. One can filter down these listing based on location, activities and much more. It also has lists of colleges and academic centres who offer Indian classical dance as a curriculum.

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The Dance Bible

The Dance Bible, a first of its kind online platform for dancers, choreographers, dance educators, dance parents and all dance enthusiasts worldwide and promises to be this and much more.

Living in the age of 140 characters and selfies, we all understand the importance of web presence; every industry has been using the social revolution to its advantage to grow its business. Yet, Dance as an Industry is still shy and hasn't been able to tap its way into the online world as it should. The Dance Bible, with their goal of being a one-stop portal for dancers, is designed to provide the right accessories to every dance soul to shine and empower themselves in their journey. Wherever one lives or perform, with The Dance Bible one will always be connected with Dance.

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Kalakriya represents a modest but meaningful endeavor to preserve and popularize the performing arts of India in general and Bharatanatyam in particular. For a starter, it will display a fine collection of CDs and DVDs on Bharatanatyam that carry both instructional and entertainment value. Created and Curated by legendary dancer Guru Sri Priyadarsini Govind Each product showcased in Kalakriya will be a collector's item with its superior content created with the inputs from legendary gurus and fascinatingly formatted by a highly skilled technical team.

Ideal techno tools for learning, these Bharatanatyam DVDs and CDs will enable dance students and enthusiasts to gain access to the abundant and arcane wisdom of some of the greatest Bharatanatyam exponents of times.

These are the mediums which propagates artist around the globe and uplifts the Indian cultural heritage. If you are an artist you should never miss. So, why adieu, go hover the mouse on the links and explore the opportunities.



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