Art Modeling  Collaborations 

Patruni Chidananda Sastry has got some wonderful opportunities to collaborate with some of the best Photographers  for multiple Photo-series. Here are some of the collaborations at Display.

Natya Chitra Series 
About the Photo-Artist Manab Das

Manab Das is a Freelance Photographer from West Bengal . His Passion for Photography can be visible from every frame of this craft.He Started his skills with Travel Photography , Wedding shoots, Portrait photography and created a significant difference to India Abstract Photography. He owns his Photography company called  "Manab Das-fotografía " while presenting thematic photo shoots .

Contact :Mail id: 

Number :+91 94754 27364

Butoh Rains by Manab Das
Pic by Manab Das
Pic by Manab Das
Pic by Manab Das
Pic by Manab Das
Dont choak me ! pic by Manab
Pull : Pic by Manab Das
Flying shy : By Manab Das
The Gateway challenge by Manab Das
No Religion: By Manab Das

Geometry though Dance 

About Photo Artist
Charan Vicky

Charan Vicky is a renowned photographer from Hyderabad. his love for portrait pictures and nature is evident in his creations of his lenses. He uses one of the best way of lights and presents the subject with a backdrop of stories. 


Dance Geometry is a photo collage of postures representing Geometrical line theory . these pictures were clicked by Charan Vicky and graphically illustrated by Patruni Sas3.

Drag in Isolation

About Photo Artist
Damien Frost

Damien Frost photographs a global community of drag queens, artists, performers, and designers living in isolation. 22May 2020. TextGilda Bruno. Damien Frost's Social Distancing, Portraits40. Damien Frost is an Australian British photographer known for his incredible photography series Night Flowers.

Metamorphic Reality

About Photo Artist

Raqeeb  am a research scholar of English Literature who tends to spend most of his time following his passion for photography and writing. Raqeeb aim to bring a change in the way male sexuality is perceived by the mainstream. Also, love over hate, anyday.

Zameen Asmaan Ka Farq

About Photo Artist
Marc Ohrem-Leclef

Marc Ohrem-Leclef (German, based in Brooklyn, NY) is a multimedia-artist who completed studies in Communication Design at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany, before relocating to New York City in 1998.

Founding a commercial photography studio that serviced the advertising industry for 15 years, a life-changing experience renewed Ohrem-Leclef's focus on personal long term projects (2012). His collaborative practice moves between documentary and performative modes to construct alternative representations and narratives that address issues of identity and belonging.