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An Initiative started By Manab Das On capturing Thematic dance Photography , Heritage , Sociology and emotions in Photography with dance where Patruni was the presenter of the pictures. Patruni and Manab Das   had their schooling in the same institution and from the same branch came two vivid art. As a collaboration for Past two years  Manab and Patruni drove around the heritage city of Hyderabad to capture moments of passion. Conceptualized by Manab Das , they created a unique portfolio of dance and Photography . Below are some of the  pictures displaying the abstract photography of their collaboration.

About the Photo-Artist Manab Das

Manab Das is a Freelance Photographer from West Bengal . His Passion for Photography can be visible from every frame of this craft.He Started his skills with Travel Photography , Wedding shoots, Portrait photography and created a significant difference to India Abstract Photography. He owns his Photography company called  "Manab Das-fotografía " while presenting thematic photo shoots .

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Number :+91 94754 27364

Geometry though Dance 

Dance Geometry is a photo collage of postures representing Geometrical line theory . these pictures were clicked by Charan Vicky and graphically illustrated by Patruni Sas3.






Charan Vicky is a renowned photographer from Hyderabad. his love for portrait pictures and nature is evident in his creations of his lenses. He uses one of the best way of lights and presents the subject with a backdrop of stories. 

About Photo Artist
Charan Vicky


Plot no 148/1 Hyderabad India 500083




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